Possible Responses

Possible Responses to the Notification

Upon receiving the notification, the Athlete has the following options before the deadline:

  1. Provide your fully written explanation to the positive test result
  2. Request the analysis of the B Sample
  3. Request copies of the A Sample laboratory documentation package
  4. Voluntarily accept a Provisional Suspension (if a Specified Substance or Specified Method is found in the sample)
  5. Provide an adequate explanation in order to eliminate the Mandatory Provisional Suspension (if a Non-Specified Substance or Non-Specified Method is found in the sample)
  6. Provide Substantial Assistance
  7. Admit the charge and seek to enter into Results Management Agreements

After receiving the Athlete explanation or expiry of the deadline to provide such explanation, if the Doping Control Panel of ADOHK is still satisfied that the Athlete has committed the ADRV(s), a Notice of Charge with the asserted ADRV(s) and specific consequences will be issued to the Athlete.

Possible Responses to the Notice of Charge

  1. Admit the charge and accept the proposed consequences
  2. Admit the charge but not accept the proposed consequences
  3. Request a hearing convened by the Hong Kong Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel to dispute the charge and/or proposed consequences