Roles & Responsibilities of Athlete Support Personnel
  1. To be knowledgeable of and comply with the Anti-Doping Policies and Rules.
  2. To cooperate with the Athlete Testing Program.
  3. To use their influence on athlete values and behavior to foster anti-doping attitudes.
  4. To disclose to ADOHK and their International Federation any decision by a non-Signatory finding that the Athlete Support Personnel committed an anti-doping rule violation within the previous ten years.
  5. To cooperate with Anti-Doping Organizations investigating anti-doping rule violations.
  6. Athlete Support Personnel shall not use or possess any prohibited substance or prohibited method without valid justification.
  7. Offensive conduct towards a Doping Control official or other Person involved in Doping Control by an Athlete Support Personnel, which does not otherwise constitute Tampering, may result in a charge of misconduct, which may render the Athlete Support Personnel liable to disciplinary actions which may be imposed by their governing bodies.