Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities during Doping Control

When selected for doping control, athletes have certain rights and responsibilities during the process.

Athletes’ Rights:

  1. To have a representative and/or an interpreter (if available) accompany him or her (Athlete under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
  2. To have the sample collection procedures clearly explained
  3. To request a delay in reporting to the Doping Control Station for valid reasons (For example, to complete a training session, to fulfill media commitments or to attend a prize presentation ceremony)
  4. To request modifications to the standard sample collection procedures if you have an impairment
  5. To give comments and raise concerns regarding the sample collection process
  6. To receive a copy of the signed Doping Control Form

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Athletes’ Responsibilities:

  1. To comply with the sample collection procedures
  2. To produce valid identification
  3. To remain within continuous observation of the Doping Control Officer or chaperone at all times during the doping control
  4. To report to the Doping Control Station as soon as possible unless delayed for valid reasons
  5. To maintain control of your sample until it is sealed
  6. To ensure all appropriate paperwork is accurate, complete and signed

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