In order to ensure that the administrative body responsible for anti-doping is distinct from the sanctioning body, various panels were set up under SF&OC and HKADC for the Hong Kong anti-doping programme.

Panels Under HKADC
Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Panel
  • To receive TUE application from athletes and to grant TUE as appropriate
Chairperson Dr. TSE Tak Fu, BBS, JP
Member Dr. James J. LAM, BBS, JP
Dr. Christopher K. W. LAI
Dr. David H. F. CHENG
Prof. Frank H. K. FU, MH, JP
Doping Control Panel
  • To conduct results management on Adverse Analytical Finding and other Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRV)
  • To conduct provisional hearings and suspensions if appropriate
  • To review evidences and assert whether the case is an ADRV or not
  • To notify the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel of the assertion
Chairperson Dr. Simon S. M. YEUNG, JP
Member Dr. CHIEN Ping
Dr. Michael K. Y. HSIN
Dr. Jaime T. SIN
Prof. Frank H. K. FU, MH, JP


Panels Under SF&OC
Hong Kong Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel
  • To conduct hearing after receiving notification of possible ADRV from the Doping Control Panel of HKADC
  • To receive notification from other anti-doping organization (e.g. WADA, IF, other anti-doping organization) and to respond by recognizing and respecting the finding, provided that it is consistent with the WADC
  • To determine sanctions to be imposed in according to the SF&OC and HKADC anti-doping rules
Chairperson Mr. Anthony ROGERS, GBS, QC, JP
Vice-Chairperson Ms. Emba W. M. LEUNG
Mr. Rudy S. F. CHUNG
Member Dr. T. Brian STEVENSON, GBS, JP
Dr. IP Wing Yuk
Prof. Patrick S. H. YUNG, JP
Dr. CHAN Kwok Ki, MH
Mr. CHEUNG Wai Leung, MBE, BBS
Mr. Edgar J. T. YANG, PDSM
Hong Kong Anti-Doping Appeal Panel
  • To hear and to determine all issues arising the decision of anti-doping rules violation which is appealed to it pursuant to the anti-doping rules of SF&OC and HKADC
Chairperson Mr. Simon S. M. LAU
Vice-Chairperson Mr. Patrick C. Y. WONG
Ms. Julianne P. DOE
Member Dr. LAM Tai Fai, SBS, JP
Dr. LEE Lai Shan, BBS, MBE
Mr. TONG Wai Lun, BBS, JP
Mr. Kenny K. W. CHOW, MH
Mr. MA Ching Nam, JP
Ms. Sylvia W. Y. SIU
Dr. Julian W. CHANG, BBS