【Friendly Reminder】 “Atypical” anti-doping rule violations

All of us are well aware of the consequences of being tested positive after taking prohibited substance(s). However, do you know that people engaged in the following actions could be in serious trouble as well? They have violated the anti-doping rules and could be sanctioned for their imprudent actions.

Evade from test

According to Article 2.3 of the HKADC Anti-Doping Rules (the Rules), any athlete refusing or failing without compelling justification to submit to sample collection after notification, or otherwise evading sample collection has violated the Rules.

Assist an athlete to evade from test

According to Article 2.8 of the Rules, anybody assisting, encouraging, aiding, abetting, covering up or any other type of complicity involving an anti-doping rule violation or any attempted anti-doping rule violation has violated the Rules.

Participate in a competition during sanction

According to Article 10.10.3 of the Rules, where an athlete who has been declared ineligible violates the prohibition against participation during ineligibility, the results of such participation will be disqualified and the period of ineligibility which was originally imposed shall start over again as of the date of the violation. HKADC is committed to preserve a doping-free environment for fair play in sport in Hong Kong and we will make every effort to protect the rights of clean athletes.