Establishment of the Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee

The Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China (SF&OC) was proud to announce the establishment of the first independent anti-doping organization in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee (HKADC). Mr. PANG Chung, BBS, Hon. Secretary General of SF&OC and Professor Frank FU, JP, Chairman of HKADC, were the officiating VIPs of the Press Conference and Office Opening Ceremony for the establishment of the HKADC on 29 September 2008. Many other distinguished guests and sport leaders from Member Associations of the Federation were also present at this curtain raising event to mark a new era of protecting the health of our athletes. During the ceremony, Mr. PANG Chung, BBS, said “The establishment of HKADC will further take Hong Kong to an international level in terms of the fight against doping in sport.”

The establishment has also gained firm support from local athletes such as elite cyclist WONG Kam Po. He said “HKADC can preserve the integrity of Hong Kong sport as well as provides educational support to everyone in the sport community. Even though I will be required to provide whereabouts information and to be available for unannounced testing anytime, I strongly believe this is a step in the right direction.”

HKADC Mission

HKADC is committed to preserve a doping-free environment for fair play in sport in Hong Kong. HKADC will ensure Hong Kong’s Anti-Doping Policy is in full compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Program Overview

In addition to managing the Drug Testing Program, HKADC is responsible for promoting educational programs to the sport community on rules governing the use of performance enhancing substances and its harmful health effects. Furthermore, HKADC’s educational effort will also concentrate on youths and the general public regarding the ethics of doping in sport.

Development Plan

With continue support from the Government, HKADC will gradually evolve into an official, world-recognized national anti-doping organization in its second year of operation.

HKADC composition & members list

HKADC members comprise of representatives from the sectors of sport, education, law, medicine and government who will ensure the Committee best meets the needs of Hong Kong in the fight against doping in sport. The Committee is chaired by Professor Frank FU, JP, and its members consist of Mr. PANG Chung, BBS, Mr. Ronnie M. C. WONG, JP, Mr. HUI Ki On, GBS, Dr. TSE Tak Fu, BBS, Dr. Simon YEUNG Sai Mo and Mr. CHEUNG Ping Wai.

For more information about the HKADC, please contact the HKADC Head, Dr. Yvonne YUAN at 2504 8210 or 2890 3112.

Issued by: Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
Date: 29 September 2008