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Anti-Doping Pre-Games Work for the Hangzhou 19th Asian Games

Hangzhou 19th Asian Games is finally around the corner and will be held from 23 September – 8 October 2023 in Hangzhou, China. While Hong Kong athletes are preparing to shine at Asian Games, Anti-Doping Organization of Hong Kong, China Limited (ADOHK) has also been working on various aspects of anti-doping to ensure that athletes and athlete support personnel are adequately prepared for the Games.

ADOHK has been carrying out no-advance notice Pre-Games Doping Tests on our athletes to ensure that they are clean to compete at the Games. Besides, ADOHK has conducted a pre-games anti-doping briefing to remind the Hong Kong, China delegation members on the key areas of the anti-doping rules which would be applied at the Games, Anti-Doping Rules Violations (ADRVs) and testing procedures, etc. ADOHK has also prepared a tailor-made Anti-Doping pamphlet specifically for the Asian Games which included the rules highlights and useful Anti-Doping tips for the delegations. The pamphlet can be downloaded here.

Wishing the Hong Kong, China Delegation every success at the Hangzhou 19th Asian Games!