Welcome our newly included testing pool athletes

Starting from April 2013, 98 elite athletes have been newly included in the Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee (HKADC) Testing Pool. Congratulations to all of you who have achieved good results in the past years and met the criteria to be included in the pool.

Similar to the technical rules of any sport, the anti-doping rules, are designed to prevent any participant from taking unfair advantage over his/her opponents and thus protect the right of the clean athletes to compete in a doping-free environment. It is athlete’s obligation to be knowledgeable of and comply with all the anti-doping rules. All athletes included in the HKADC Testing Pool are subject to no-advance-notice drug tests anytime, anywhere and are required to accurately report their up-to-date whereabouts to HKADC.

In order to help the newly included athletes in the HKADC Testing Programme to familiarize with the whereabouts requirements and how to submit their whereabouts, two ADAMS workshops have been conducted in March and a total of 33 athletes and athlete support personnel attended the sessions.

Last but not least, HKADC are always ready to provide consultation and tailor-made anti-doping education programme for athletes and other stakeholders. Any concerned National Sport Associations are welcomed to approach us for necessary arrangements.

HKADC, under the auspices of the SF & OC, is an independent committee responsible for the anti-doping programme in Hong Kong. HKADC is committed to preserve a doping-free environment for fair play in sport in Hong Kong.