Updated versions of anti-doping education pamphlets available mow

We have recently revised our anti-doping education pamphlets. Seven out of the nine pamphlets, as listed below, have been updated with the latest information about the anti-doping information and practices:

  • Anti-Doping Rule Violations
  • The Testing Procedures
  • Inadvertent Doping
  • Doping and Supplements
  • Whereabouts – Why, What, How
  • Health Risks and Side Effects of Doping
  • Legal Implications of Trafficking Prohibited Substances

Together with the two existing ones, the whole set of nine anti-doping education pamphlets enables athletes and athlete support personnel to keep abreast of the most updated anti-doping knowledge and status. Please click here  to download the pamphlets now. Please contact use should you require hard copies of the pamphlets.