“RealWinner” – learning doping control knowledge can be interesting

As a continual effort to extend our education programme, HKADC launched today (1 April 2010) an e-learning programme “RealWinner” to provide local athletes and their support personnel an interesting platform to learn doping control knowledge.

A video learning kits developed based on the education requirements of the World Anti-Doping Code, “RealWinner” offers athletes and their support personnel knowledge about key anti-doping topics, such as testing procedures, the Prohibited List, whereabouts, and therapeutic use exemption, etc.

“RealWinner” consists of 9 interactive modules, each of which presents a specific anti-doping issue. Users will be certified upon successful completion of all the modules. “RealWinner” has been developed in English and is currently used worldwide by a number of national anti-doping organizations and international federations as a tool to deliver anti-doping knowledge to athletes and their support personnel. To cater the need of local users, the Hong Kong version of “RealWinner” is provided with traditional Chinese subtitles.

Act now to experience the fun of learning anti-doping knowledge and become a “real winner”.