New Anti-Doping Rule – Financial Sanction

HKADC will introduce a new rule of financial sanction to its Anti-Doping Rules starting 1 January 2013 in order to better deter the growth of doping trend.

The new rule stipulates that a fine of HK$20,000 per violation will be imposed on athletes or individuals who violate the anti-doping rules. Until the fine is duly settled, status of ineligibility remains even after the period of ineligibility has been expired.

All athletes or individuals are subject to this new rule. For elite athletes who will already have their Elite Training Grant (ETG) withheld if they violate the anti-doping rules under the existing practice, the new financial sanction to be imposed on them will therefore be proportionally reduced to reflect such loss of financial support.

The existing moderation of sanctions under exceptional circumstances is also applicable to this new rule, which means financial sanction could be waived if the athlete could successfully prove that the positive test is caused by inadvertent doping or that the individual provides substantial assistance in discovering or establishing anti-doping rule violations, etc.

Download Anti-Doping Rules of HKADC (2018)