Modification of HKADC Anti-Doping Rules in relation to the Appeal Panel

In order to provide greater flexibility and to improve efficiency in processing appeal cases, the Anti-Doping Rules (the Rules) of Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee (HKADC) in relation to the Appeal Panel has been modified and the new version is in force with immediate effect.

The rules have been revised following a review of the appeal process. Two modifications to the Rules have been proposed. (1) Two members with legal background will be appointed as the Vice-Chairs of the Appeal Panel. In the absence of the Chair, one of these Vice-Chairs shall take up the role to appoint the Hearing Panel and to chair the hearing. (2) The number of members to hear each appeal case shall be reduced from 6 (six) to at least 3 (three).

The modified version of the Rules was confirmed its compliance to the World Anti-Doping Code by WADA and was subsequently approved by HKADC. In its Council meeting on 2 December 2010, the modified Rules were also endorsed by the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China. With immediate effect, the original version of the Rules is now being replaced by the modified one.

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