Hot News – HKADC is now reachable via WhatsApp

Starting from today, in addition to e-mail and telephone, athletes can also use “WhatsApp”, to contact us. ACT NOW to add HKADC (+852 6257 7099) to your contact list.

You are welcome to send us any enquiries, including prohibition status of medicine and other anti-doping issues via WhatsApp. Prompt replies could be expected during office hours.

For those athletes in the HKADC testing pools who are not able to update whereabouts via ADAMS#, E-mail, Fax, SMS and voicemail , WhatsApp could be an option. Please be reminded that a complete update should include:

  • Name of athlete; – Name of athlete representative (if appropriate)
  • Date of birth of athlete (for identifying the athlete)
  • Details of the whereabouts update (date, time and location)

#Any athlete belonging to the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) of an International Federation should formally update whereabouts by ADAMS.

Looking forward to seeing you online