A New Series of Anti-Doping Education Videos

Following the success of our anti-doping education video series released last year, HKADC today launches again a new series of videos to promote anti-doping knowledge. We have skimmed off the most important content of the existing education materials in printed forms and converted them into a lively video series, which would greatly enhance the learning motivation of the audience.

This series includes five videos covering various key topics on anti-doping. The videos will be released in the coming months on Youtube with quick links posted on HKADC official website and Facebook Page as scheduled below.

Topics Date of Release
1. Why Doping Control?  28 Jan 2015
2. The Prohibited List  28 Feb 2015
3. Anti-Doping Rule Violations (1) 28 Mar 2015
4. Anti-Doping Rule Violations (2) 28 Apr 2015
5. Whereabouts  28 May 2015


The first video on ‘Why Doping Control’ is now available at HKADC YouTube Channel