2019 – 2020 HKADC Testing Pools – List of Athletes has been released

HKADC has announced the List of Athlete in HKADC Testing Pools for 2019 – 2020 on its website. All athletes who are newly included in the Testing Pools, who are transferred from one Testing Pool to another, or who have been removed from the Testing Pools would be informed in writing. Athletes in both Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and Elite Testing Pool (ETP) are subjected to no-advance-notice doping tests anytime, anywhere. It is mandatory for all Testing Pool athletes to report accurately their up-to-date whereabouts information to HKADC.

RTP & ETP athletes should complete the following tasks in order to fulfill the obligations as a Testing Pool athlete:

1. Study carefully the HKADC Whereabouts Policy  to understand the whereabouts requirements and the possible consequences for non-compliance.

2. Download and study carefully the Anti-Doping Rules of HKADC (2018) in order to understand what constitutes Anti-Doping Rule Violations and the possible consequences.

3. Enroll and attend the “Whereabouts Requirements & ADAMS Workshop” scheduled on 3 May 2019 to learn more about the whereabouts requirements for RTP & ETP and how to use ADAMS to submit whereabouts. Please contact HKADC office for enrollment.

Please note that the roles and responsibilities of a Testing Pool athlete are set out in the World Anti-Doping Code. Your status of being a HKADC Testing Pool athlete and obligations remains unchanged until you have received further notice from us. Please click on the link for more details.

Download List of Athletes in HKADC Testings Pools (as of 15.04.2019)