Fencer reprimanded for Anti-Doping Rule Violation

The Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee (HKADC) announce today (11 July 2018) that Ms. LIN Yik Hei Coco, athlete in the sport of Fencing, has been imposed with a reprimand for an anti-doping rule violation.

The violation occurred during an out-of-competition doping control on 25 April 2018. The athlete’s urine sample was tested positive for Hydrochlorothiazide & its target compound 4-AMINO-6-CHLORO-1,3-BENZENEDISULPHONAMIDE. According to the 2018 Prohibited List, Hydrochlorothiazide is listed under S5 Diuretics and Masking Agents which is prohibited in sport at all times.

In response to HKADC’s notification of the adverse analytical finding, Ms. LIN waived her right to the analysis of her B sample, accepted the charge and attended the hearing on 14 June 2018. The Hong Kong Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel carefully considered the case and Ms. LIN was found guilty of violating Article 2.1 of the Anti-Doping Rules of HKADC. In the circumstances that the case involved Specified Substances and Ms. LIN could establish No Significant Fault or Negligence, a reprimand was imposed with no period of ineligibility and the financial sanction was waived.

HKADC, under the auspices of the SF&OC, is an independent committee responsible for the anti-doping programme in Hong Kong. HKADC is committed to preserve a doping-free environment for fair play in sport in Hong Kong.