Testing Pool

What is a testing pool?
For the purpose of doping control and according to the guidelines from the World Anti-Doping Agency, each anti-doping organization shall identify and establish testing pool(s) for athletes who are subjected to both in-competition and out-of-competition testing.

Most International Federations have identified and established Registered Testing Pools for international-level athletes in its sport. In general, the top athletes compete regularly at the highest level of international competition will be included in the Registered Testing Pool and are required to submit whereabouts to the International Federation. Most National Anti-Doping Organizations (e.g. Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee), however, tend to establish more than one Testing Pools. Athletes included in these pools are subjected to different whereabouts requirements.

Who are included in the testing pools of the Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee?
Athletes in the Elite A+,Elite A, Elite B+ and Elite B categories of the Elite Training Grant and individual athletes from sports selected for doping control are included in the testing pools of HKADC.Other athletes being nominated to represent Hong Kong in major games are also included.

What is the main responsibility of HKADC testing pool athletes?
In order to facilitate no-notice out-of-competition testing, these athletes are required to submit accurate and up-to-date whereabouts information to the Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee.

To facilitate the submission, athletes can go on-line and use ADAMS to submit and update their whereabouts.

Please refer to the education pamphlet for the detailed whereabouts requirements for athletes included in the various HKADC Testing Pools.

HKADC Testing Pool - List of Athletes
Download (as at 15 April 2019)