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TrueSelf, a quarterly newsletter dedicated to anti-doping, is aimed at enhancing anti-doping knowledge of the members of the sport community and cultivating proper ethical values in sport. People who are interested to subscribe TrueSelf may contact us at 28903644 or email

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Issue 37
- The 2019 Prohibited List Released
- 2016 Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs) Data & Statistics
- Athletes congratulate HKADC on our 10th birthday!
Issue 36
- Athletes congratulate HKADC on our 10th birthday!
- 10-year evolution at a glance - A new chapter for fair play begins
- Anti-Doping Tips for the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG)
Issue 35
- 2018 marks the 10th Anniversary Year of Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee - Message from the Chairman
- Going through a decade-long journey of anti-doping
- Athletes congratulate HKADC on our 10th birthday!
Issue 34
- A Strong Scientific Network against Doping - World Anti-Doping Agency Accredited Laboratories
- Doping Control Officers (DCO) Annual Training 2017
- Prohibited Methods 101
- Education Programme Snapshots
Issue 33
- The 2018 Prohibited List Released
- Athlete Biological Passport: A personalized tool to stamp out doping
- The Mystery of Blood (2)
- Anti-Doping Education Pamphlets with new design!
- WADA Publishes "Parents' Guide to Support Clean Sport"
Issue 32
- Education Talks for Secondary Schools - Raising awareness of fair play among students
- The Mystery of Blood (1): Solving the puzzle of blood testing
- Anti-Doping Tips for the 5th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games (AIMAG)
Issue 31
- Global Anti-Doping Information: Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs)
- A useful tool for checking the prohibition status of your medicine: DrugInSport
- Side effects of Doping
- Unifying global effort to protect clean sport
Issue 30
- Looking ahead - 2017 and beyond for the World Anti-Doping Agency
- Doping Control Officers (DCO) Recertification Exam and Annual Training
- Know the Rules (5)
Issue 29
- The 2017 Prohibited List will come into force on 1 January 2017
- Keep doping at bay
- Strengthen the ground for Fair Play
- An outbreak of Doping Scandals?
- Visit by the Saudi Arabian Anti-Doping Committee
- Know the Rules (4)
Issue 28
- Top priority for stakeholders of the Olympic Movement: Protect
  clean athletes and fight against doping
- Anti-Doping Reminder for Danang 2016 Asian Beach Games
- A New Look for the DCO Team
- Know the Rules (3)
Issue 27
- Putting the spirit of sport into practice
- Keeping abreast of the latest anti-doping information
- Partnering with Anti-doping Organizations to protect the Clean
- Know the Rules (2)
Issue 26
- Welcome aboard! New members of the Anti-Doping Force!
- Spot the Differences
- Staying at the Doping Control Frontline
- Know the Rules (1)
Issue 25
- Eduction programmes going full steam ahead!
- WADA and China join hands to tackle illegal manufacture and
  supply of PEDS
- The 2016 Prohibited List will soon come into force
- Blood Testing: an effective part of anti-doping programme
Issue 24
- Nurturing the Correct Values
- Testing Kits on Parade (Finale): Refractometer
- New Anti-Doping Education Videos All Released!
Issue 23
- Inclusion in the Testing Pool - Proof of Ability
- Testing Kits on Parade (2): A/B Sample Kit
- Anti-Doping Education Talks for Schools
- Keep abreast of the international fight against doping
Issue 22
- Sport Enhusiasm and Doping Risks
- Testing Kits on Parade (1): Urine Collection Vessel
- Our Professional Team is Ready
- More New Eduation Videos on YouTube
Issue 21
- New Rules in the New Year
- New 2015 Prohibited List and revised Education Pamphlets
- The Far-reaching Education Programmes
Issue 20
- Know your Rights and Responsibilities
- Preparation and Education Programmes for World
  Anti-Doping Code
- Suspension for the Judges?
Issue 19
- Message to Team Managers / Coaches
- Getting ready for the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code
- Anti-Doping International Conferences
- Education video series - No more inadvertent doping
Issue 18
- Performance enhancing drugs is not only a sports issue -
  A Public Issue Indeed
- Myth buster - misconceptions about Anti-Doping
- You know the drug and we know your whereabouts -
  all by the mobile
- Keep posted on Summaries on Anti-Doping Activities -
  Get prepared for the New WADA Code
Issue 17
- The revised World Anti-Doping Code - Strengthens the efforts
  to fight against doping in sports
- The Myths on Whereabouts Failure
- Event Outreah Programmes in Top Gear
Issue 16
- A "Global Tour" of Doping Scandals and the Lesson for HK (2)
- Diuretics, banned or not banned?
- Formation of the Anti-Doping Force
- Checking prohibition status? Updating Whereabouts?
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Issue 15
- A "Global Tour" of Doping Scandals and the Lesson for HK (1)
- Recent education efforts
- HKADC's appearance on Roadshow
- WADA Symposium
Issue 14
- Energy drinks for me or NOT for me?
- Are you ready? 2013 Multi-sport Games
- Sowing the seeds of Fair Play
- Annual summary on anti-doping activities - a means to
  achieve "Clean" sport
- Promoting "Fair Play" among the public 2013 Poster Exhibitions
Issue 13
- What's the COST of Doping?
- Why is Lance Armstrong's case important?
- A Refreshment of Knowledge
- Keep Abreast of Drug Status
- Artistic Talents Shining in the E-poster & Slogan Design
Issue 12
- Keeping up with international trends in anti-doping (2)
- E-Poster and Slogan Design Competition - unleashes secondary
  students' creativity
- A "CLEAN" HK Delegation to the London 2012 Olympic Games
- HKADC Website revamped
Issue 11
- Keeping up with international trends in anti-doping (1)
- Steroids: Not Worth the Risk!
- Modifications in HKADC Anti-Doping Rules and Whereabouts
Issue 10
- Blood Testing: Coming Soon
- HKADC hosted another successful Outreach Programme
  at Marathon Expo
- Athletes should remain vigilant amid the launch of the labelling
  and package insert regulation on Chinese medicines
- New education pamphlets coming soon!
Issue 9
- Think twice before leap - Taking supplement and
  Chinese medicine
- Our continuous efforts in promoting Fair Play
- I am a Doping Control Officer
Issue 8
- Fight against doping COUNTS ON YOU - Athlete support
- Doping Control Procedures: What you need to know
- The 7Cs of DruginSport
Issue 7
- The Clenbuterol fear?
- HKADC successfully launched Athlete Outreach Programme
- Notes to athletes newly included in the testing pool
- Overseas testing
Issue 6
- In-competition testing 101
- HKADC promotes "Fair Play" at Hong Kong Marathon Expo
- Thinking about Retirement? Information you need to know!
Issue 5
- Message from the Chairman of HKADC Doping Control Panel
- Hong Kong launches online database on prohibited status of
  registered pharmaceutical products
- Doping Control Seminar for Physicians
- Doping Control programmes for Hong Kong delegation to 16th
  Asian Games
Issue 4
- Message from the Chairman of the Therapeutic Use
  Exemption Panel
- HKADC recorded five doping cases in June 2010
- More Doping Control Officers are Appointed to Help Level the
  Playing Field
- Seminar on Doping Control for Physicians to be held in
  December 2010
Issue 3
- Message from the Chairman of the Anti-Doping Appeal Panel
- The first doing case under the HKADC Testing Programme
- Phase 1 of the HKADC Testing Programme - Conclusion and
  lesson learnt
- Improves HKADC programme through international exchange
  and training
Issue 2
- Message from the Chairman of the Disciplinary Panel
- Panels serving under the Hong Kong anti-doping programme
- "RealWinner" - learning doping control knowledge can
  be interesting
- HKADC promotes anti-doping awareness at Marathon Expo
Inaugural Issue
- Message from the President, Sports Federation &
  Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China
- History of Hong Kong Anti-Doping Committee
- Message from the Chairman
- HKADC Testing Programme
- Joining of the Association of National Anti-Doping Organization