Education Materials

Anti-Doping Posters
In order to raise public awareness on anti-doping issue and to promote fair play in sport, HKADC has produced a series of 6 posters.

Please click the images below to view the posters.

Why doping control?
To protect the health of athletes
Why doping control?
To protect athletes' right to compete fairly in a doping-free environment
Why doping control?
To safeguard the spirit of sport
Any performance enhancing substance or method included on the Prohibited List has its own potential risks and/or adverse side effects. Using supplements may increase the risk of inadvertent doping. Check the prohibition status of your medicine through DrugInSport before use.

Pocket-sized Prohibited List

The Prohibited List is annually published by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Athletes are recommended to bring along this Prohibited List and show it to the physician during medical consultation. It is the responsibility of athletes to inform medical personnel of their obligation not to use prohibited substances and prohibited methods as included in the list.

HKADC Card Holder

The HKADC Card Holder is designed for the athletes to carry in their wallet. Athletes could insert record of medication in the card holder. It also provides a quick reference on tips for drug testing and means of update whereabouts.

Subject to availability, the above education materials will be issued to athletes, athlete support personnel and sport organizations. Those who are interested please contact HKADC for the arrangement.