Result Management


In order to ensure that athletes are fairly treated and will not be accused falsely of having violated the anti-doping rules, WADA has guidelines for urine sample collection and also for the post sample collection. The paragraphs below provide athletes with an overview of the post sample collection procedures, including result management, as recommended by WADA.

What happens to my sample after leaving the Doping Control Station?
Sample will be carefully packed and transported to the WADA-accredited laboratory. The transportation process will be well documented to ensure that the sample is secure. Upon arrival at the laboratory, the sample will be inspected for any evidence of tempering.

The ‘A’ sample will be analyzed for substances on the Prohibited List while ‘B’ sample will be securely stored and may be used later to confirm an Adverse Analytical Finding from the ‘A’ sample.

Does a positive laboratory result automatically lead to an Anti-Doping Rules
A positive laboratory result will need to be under extensive review before assertion of an Anti-Doping Rules Violation. The diagram below illustrates the process in between sample analysis and assertion of an Anti-Doping Rules Violation.

Overview of Result Management

What will happen if my sample leads to the assertion of an Anti-Doping Rules Violation? Do I have any chance to present my case before sanction is applied to me?
Various relevant parties will be notified about the Anti-Doping Rules Violation. Hearing will be arranged during which you will be provided with the chance to present your case. If you are not satisfied with the result of the hearing, you can request for an appeal.

The diagram below summarizes the processes after a case has been asserted as Anti-Doping Rules Violation.

Overview of the Disciplinary and Appeal procedures

Where can I get further advice on Result Management?
Please refer to the Education Pamphlet on ‘Result Management – Positive Test’ for more information.