Athlete Whereabouts Information and ADAMS


Athletes belong to the HKADC Testing Pool are required to provide their up-to-date and accurate whereabouts information where they can be located for no advance notice, out-of-competition testing. Athletes in the testing pool must comply with the whereabouts requirements to avoid potential Anti-Doping Rule Violation.

Requirements for whereabouts submissions

To be submitted on a quarterly basis. The deadlines for each quarter are 31 December, 31 March, 30 June, and 30 September.  ü ü
Whereabouts shall be updated as necessary so that it remains accurate and complete at all times.   ü ü
To provide the full address of the place where the athlete will be staying overnight for each day, i.e. the daily overnight residence ü  
To specify a 60-minute time slot between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. for each day, during which the athlete is available and accessible at the specified location for testing.  ü  
To provide their training and competition schedules or schedule of other regular activities at least 3 days per week ü ü

How to submit and update the whereabouts information?
Depending on the preference of individual athletes, the whereabouts can be submitted and updated using:-

 • Email
 • Fax
 • SMS
 • WhatsApp
 • Voicemail
However, due to the massive information to be submitted, it is not recommended that quarterly submission to be performed through SMS, WhatsApp and voicemail.

Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS)
The Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) is a secured, web-based database system developed and managed by WADA. ADAMS is designed for athletes or their representatives to report athlete whereabouts information. It can also be used for other anti-doping related activities such as Doping Control and Test Results Management by Anti-Doping Organizations.

User guides have been developed to faciliate athletes in using ADAMS to submit their whereabouts information.

Update by SMS, WhatsApp and voicemail
When access to internet and fax is not possible, athlete can update his/her whereabouts via SMS, WhatsApp or voicemail. A complete update should include the following:

 1. Name of athlete
 2. Name of athlete representative (if appropriate)
 3. Date of birth of athlete (for identifying the athlete)
 4. Details of the whereabouts update (date, time and location)

SMS, WhatsApp and voicemail could be sent to (852) 6257 7099.

Who should submit and update the whereabouts information?
There are two options.

Option 1 - Athletes can submit and update his/her own whereabouts information.
Option 2 - Athletes can have their representative to submit their whereabouts information if they chose to. However, athletes are ultimately responsible for their whereabouts.

Consequences of not submitting and maintaining a complete and accurate whereabouts filing
Any combination of three Filing Failures and/or Missed Tests committed within an 12-month period shall constitute an anti-doping rule violation.

Rights of athletes in relation to the whereabouts requirements
Athletes have the opportunity to provide a reason for any apparent filing failure/missed test. If the excuse is accepted, the mistake will not be recognized as a filing failure/missed test.

HKADC Whereabouts Policy
HKADC Whereabouts Policy