Athlete retirement


Any athletes belong to the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) of an International Federation or the testing pool of HKADC have to be aware of the regulation related to retirement.


1. You should formally notify these organizations that you have decided to retire from your sport.

2. Unless these organizations have formally informed you that your retirement has been acknowledged and you have been removed from the RTP or testing pool, you should continue to submit whereabouts and be prepared to submit yourself to testing. 

3. If you change your mind later and decide to resume competition, you must satisfy the following requirements for returning to competition:
   3.1 For International Event: you must notify your IF and HKADC in
     advance according to the IF’s related regulation before you expect to
     return to competition. Such notification and the whereabouts
     information concerned should be submitted at least 6 months in
     advance. You also have to make yourself available for unannounced
     Out-of-Competition Testing.  
      3.2 For National Event: although you are not required to submit your
     whereabouts information in advance, you have to agree to make
     yourself available for unannounced Out-of-Competition Testing.

The HKADC retirement notification form can be downloaded here