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Anti-Doping Pre-Games Work for the 18th Asian Games2018-07-31

Anti-Doping Pre-Games Work for the 18th Asian Games

The 18th Asian Games will be held from 10 August to 2 September 2018 in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia. SF&OC will field the largest ever Hong Kong, China Delegation to the Games. HKADC has been working on various aspects of anti-doping to ensure that the Hong Kong athletes are competing clean.

Pre-Games Doping Tests

No advance notice pre-game doping tests are conducted on our athletes to ensure that they are doping-free.

Anti-Doping Education

HKADC arranged a pre-games anti-doping briefing for the delegation members on 28 July 2018. Topics discussed at the briefing include anti-doping rules violation, testing procedures and inadvertent doping.

Anti-Doping Pamphlet

HKADC has also produced an anti-doping pamphlet which included some tips and rules highlights for delegation members attending the Games. The pamphlet can be downloaded here.

Wishing the Hong Kong, China Delegation every success at the 18th Asian Games!